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About Us

Our Story:

My name is Kaylyn and I am the owner/creator of Simply Charming Pet. I am a recent college graduate and a momma to 3 pups and 3 cats.

The adorable pup to my side is Callie, she is a 2.5 year old German Shepard. She is the face of Simply Charming Pet that loves to be paid in the form of treats.

In the beginning, I had no intentions of creating my own business selling dog bandanas. The idea came about when I started seeing a lot of pups wearing bandanas and I wanted some for my own but couldn't find any patterns that matched my pup's personality. On top of not finding any patterns I liked, I couldn't find any that weren't tie on. I started making my own bandanas and my friends and family loved them. My mom has owned multiple small businesses over the years so I always had a passion to create something of my own one day. She inspired me to put my bandanas out at my community garage sale and from there...the rest is history.